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What is PLA?

PLA plastic, or polylactic acid, is a bio-based plastic made from renewable raw materials such as corn-based resin and is environment and resource friendly. PLA requires significantly less energy to mold into plastic containers. It can be shaped into a variety of bottles, containers, trays, film and other packaging. The production of PLA uses 68 percent less fossil fuel resources than traditional plastics and it is the world’s first greenhouse-gas-neutral polymer..

What is the benefits of using PLA over traditional plastic cups?

First let’s look at the impact of using traditional plastic cups:

1. they are made from fossil fuels

2. Some stats show that as little as 9% of plastics are recycled

3. the lifecycle of a plastic cup is 450 years!

Now PLA cups are:

1. made from plants,

2. will decompose into natural elements

3. Will decompose in less that 6 months (when in a compost environment)

Why use an unbranded clear cup?

As PLA cups are plant based they come with some limitations. Firstly cups actually expire after 12 months. That means we cannot buy in bulk and use over the next couple of years. As we are the only CoCo worldwide using PLA cups our volume does not support minimum orders required to print our own cups individually.

Why cannot you seal the drink?

Another limitation with PLA is the current cup sizes available. The cups available now have a wide mouth that do not fit our sealing machines. Another reason why is that PLA cups have a much lower melting point to traditional plastic cups so the current sealing machines will be way too hot.

Are the push on lids any good?

While the push on lids will never be the same as our traditional sealing, it does a good job. You can still shake your drink before opening just not as hard as before as you might find a slight leak around the straw opening area. The main thing to note is to make sure you do not squeeze the cup as that will pop the lid off.

What is the legislation regarding the plastic ban?

In a nutshell all food businesses in the Hobart City Council area must follow the new single plastic ban. It is hoped that other areas around Tasmania and Australia will follow. For more information check out the information provided by Hobart City Council.

Can we expect any improvements in the cup packaging in the future?

Absolutely! We are already sharing information with CoCo Global office as to feedback and impacts of switching to PLA. We are investigating new shape PLA cups that use a different sealing film that may be able to replicate the convenience of our traditional sealed cups.

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